About Solange Guberman

Solange Guberman has been an active Justice of the Peace (Ontario Court of Justice) for almost six years and possesses a keen insight into the systems of, and individuals behind, governance. After graduating from Washington University (Saint-Louis, Missouri) with a Ph.D. degree in French Language and Literature, Solange Guberman taught for many years at various colleges and universities in Canada as well as the U.S. She later founded and was president of CAMLI Corporation, a company that helped modernize school boards, universities, and other educational institutions by providing and assisting them with software based on computerized language training tools.

In 1998, Solange Guberman became a Director (partner country) of Advanced Research Workshops for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In this role, she prepared grant applications, managed funding, constructed ad hoc committees, and managed the logistics in view of events that took place in Romania. Besides, as Director of NATO Events, she supported NATO initiatives, contributing to NATO’s Advanced Study Institute and administering a $150,000 grant for the Romanian National R&D Computer Network Infrastructure Augmentation project.

She then went on to work for the Canada School of Public Service as the Director of Conferences & Special Events. Solange Guberman coordinated fundraising activities, arranged for distinguished speakers to present at what had formerly been the Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD), and helped plan multiple international conferences.

As a Diplomatic Liaison Coordinator for Environment Canada, Solange Guberman spent about one year as a member of the federal team that planned and implemented the 2005 Montreal Climate Change Conference. She deftly handled the delicacies of international and bureaucratic protocols securing attendance of, assisting and providing security for ministers and guest speakers at that conference. Solange Guberman also arranged pre-conference educational events and training for attendees.

After her appointment in February 2007, ex-Justice of the Peace Solange Guberman dispensed summary justice and handled local municipal as also provincial offenses in the Province of Ontario. Solange Guberman spent close to a year training for her position. Along with her bi-yearly professional development seminars, Her Worship ensured that she kept her extensive knowledge of legislation, criminal code, and case law up to date and accessible.


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